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We are an international, creative, innovative, fresh thinking design studio, founded on the convergence of Architecture, Research, Technology, Environment + Sustainability, as the driving force to produce design that is aesthetically pleasing, functional, adaptable, responsible & responsive to the constantly changing climate, technology, cultural & socio-economic global demands.


We enjoy undertaking new challenges across a wide range of projects, using our, expertise, talents, skills & attention to detail, to produce and deliver designs that consistently meet our philosophy and principles, creating value and enjoyment to our clients & end users.


We are constantly in the pursuit of realising better places we live and work in, places that are balanced with nature, places that are elegant, resilient, and simply delightful, that encourage people’s sensitivity to relish their natural surroundings and share it as a community, forming a long-lasting expression of the contemporary living.

Our Ethos

About Us

Our leadership of ARB, IARP & CPNAA registered architects and designers, have over 31 years of combined experience in master planning, architecture, interior design, and project delivery. Our studio continuously aspires to expand its portfolio with exemplar design.

Since formation in 2016 by Colombian Architect Alexander Herrera-Rojas, ARTES has been working on exciting private and commercial projects alongside other disciplines and expertise in the construction industry, and in collaboration with other design studios, excelling in design creativity, technical ability, and project buildability.

​Our architectural design and consultancy work covers from small, medium to large projects, within master planning, urban regeneration, living, working, shopping, hospitality, leisure, performance, sport and exhibition venues, as well as transportation, for new build, refurbishment, renovation, and extensions within the private and public sectors.


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